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Myles O'Howe

I live in Niagara Falls. I created, I take photographs, make films, music and I work on the website. I also work in a wood shop at Blairs Finish Carpentry, I made the website as well.

Not many people appreciate my work, I have many hours of work into my websites.

I produced the documentary Overpriced, and one upcoming documentary is Antimatter Future.

One website I created is for the documentary Antimatter Future, another is for the software I created. These are some other websites I have created:

My Computer I used to make the documentary Overpriced was an AMD 8 Core, 8GB of memory and a 4GB video card. I upgraded from an AMD Dual Core I used from 2011 to 2015, I got a $500 donation in 2011 to help me finish the first revision of Antimatter: The Future is Now. The full version was censored on YouTube with my ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes removed.

The camera I used for Fair Competition in Business was the Fujifilm FinePix XP80 that records 1080HD quality underwater, my new camera is the Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 which is not waterproof but records 4k resolution and takes 20MP photographs. The GH4 was far too expensive for me and 16MP, so the FZ1000 was the best investment with the fixed lens that has a 25-400 zoom so I don't need to carry around separate lenses for different shots.

Maybe you care to help support my effort? You can buy my documentaries or make a donation. If you want to contact me my e-mail is
Im on Facebook here I don't really log on there much.

I was born in June 1986. I have lived in Niagara Falls for all my life. I finished high school, and I now look back at those years as a big waste of my time, I fell victim to the lies against cannabis but learned better after experience. There was propaganda that was practically traumatizing within the school brainwashing me to not do drugs and I was conditioned to believe the lies. Some drugs are dangerous and actually cause sickness when cannabis helps heal people.

I don't want to see so many confused individuals out there like I used to be, that's why I try to educate others to get past the confusion. There is so much misleading information about cannabis out there. Some might get the idea that dangerous drugs might not be bad because if you lie and call cannabis dangerous when it really saves lives, someone who doesn't know better might not know better about the dangerous drugs. I always rejected the idea of going to college or university to everyone, against all 'logic.' I wish I never went to high school to begin with. I learned much more skipping class on my own, learning how to create websites, program different computer languages, make java video games for fun when I was not playing video games which took most of my time.

Eventually there was a class in high school and the exam I had to make a web page, I was done the exam early while others were in there for over an hour, I was out well before that.

I learned over the years making mistakes is part of the learning process, I have done extensive research over the years, I researched UFOs 10 years ago before I knew about weed. I have found an incredible amount of phony activism, disinformation that is intended to prevent the masses from realizing accurate conclusions and preventing any real movement for peace and justice, one phony activist organization after another is more than enough stress to make the average activist give up, there are so many reasons why there needs to be reliable sources of information. I can say from my experience I used to be confused. I used to go around to all the websites to try and find the latest information, news and actual movement for activism only to get depressed to find a lack of truth, I always wondered why the misleading information would get so popular and they would delete the truth. Then I researched something called COINTELPRO and discovered techniques in action and being used against me and others. Doesn't anyone think frauds, phony activism and corruption do not like it when people start communicating truth with each other?

I have spent countless hours trying to share truth and educate others. I used to have a lot of free time to research when I was younger, I took so many days and time off my job in a wood shop over the years to share truth and make videos because something is wrong and I could not do nothing. Trying to educate others was effecting my job so I had to spend less time.

I eat a diet of hemp seeds, organic fruit, and some organic vegetables, I should eat more tree nuts. I grow a small amount of my own blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and vegetables. I don't eat meat, no fish, no dairy, no honey, no eggs, no wheat, no gluten. That's my lifestyle you can live yours as you wish. Real raw food is a lot healthier for you, I wish I wasn't stuck paying for processed hemp seeds, I should be able to grow my own food without being bullied, except there is a war against freedom to grow a plant that doesn't kill anybody.

my old car

2002 Cavalier with engine swap


Myles O'Howe, September 16, 2012, 9:11 am
I am getting mostly spam bots making comments on my website. the latest spam bot sent a message with my contact form on my website spammed about some software called GScraper I looked it has built in auto Spam comments with randomized text and emails like, im getting multiple comments from multiple ip addresses promoting GScraper that says "20-50 new proxies IP insert to GScraper server every SECOND"

Some of the comments appear to be telling me they like my work but the grammar makes no sense, even I am not good with grammar and you can read im still human. and why would they promote GScraper with multiple ip's? that is spam! Why are people spamming my Contact me Form I am not getting messages from real people only spammers. Scary, makes me think software is already being used by spam bots to create the illusion of people on youtube making comments to deceive activists into falsely believing there is support. That is the only logical conclusion I can come to especially with comments I have received over the years.

Dammit this is BS I want to spend time to finish my documentaries and not work more on coding to protect against spam bots who abuse my website. How many real people are actually out there? I have to wonder now.
Myles O'Howe, August 11, 2012, 7:48 pm
I have added comments on my pages in my website script, I can set which pages can have comments or not, and what theme each page is. I still have a lot more work to do, but I have something good to start with. Eventually if I have time I might make my own forum script integrated with my website script (I made one 7-8 years ago) One thing at a time, I just wanted to get a good start before I took a break. I have been working so much at work, and then tiring myself out at home doing everything I have. I am due for a long break but I can't take a long break so I will take a good week or so, use the computer a lot less if at all. I don't like using other scripts like wordpress, I find it better to create my own stuff because you can customize everything how you want. My script will be open source once I get it to a stable point after I have done more work to it. I dont care how many other scripts are out there, some are garbage and I don't like the other stuff. Thats what even motivated me to create my own forum script so many years ago instead of using invision power board which they sell now.